The Sunrise Day Cleaners | Charlotte, NCVIP Express Bag

To speed up your dry cleaning errand, The Sunrise Dry Cleaners offers our VIP Express Bag Service.

We will provide you with a laundry bag. Fill the bag with your garments and, instead of going through the ticket-writing process, just drop it off. We’ll recognize your garments by the name on your bag, and we’ll have all your cleaning instructions saved in our computer system to make sure that your order is done correctly.

With VIP Express Bag Service, not only will you have a bag to put your garments in at home, but you’ll save valuable time, too!

With The Sunrise Dry Cleaners VIP Express Service, dry cleaning has never been more convenient! Simply drop off your personalized bag and let us do the rest. Why wait? Sign up today.

Pick-up And Go…Fast! 

Without waiting to exchange money, without even signing. The Express Bag automatic billing option allows you to authorize charges to your VISA (PIC) or MASTERCARD (PIC). So your clothing and Express Bag will be ready and waiting.

Two Bags Are Even Better Than One 

While one bag is at the cleaners, another is in the closet for loading. Or perhaps a bag for him and another for her. Maybe an express bag for every member of the family.